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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Another 1.1 bug from long ago...
Date Thu, 04 Jul 1996 12:31:57 GMT
Mark J. Cox writes:
 > Line 268 of mod_cookies.c is missing an "else" statement.  Looking at
 > CVS this seems to have occured with the 1.1b0a lots-of-patches check-in
 > in February :(
 > I'm sure this has come up before, maybe I should have committed it then,
 > its definately something for 1.1.1
 > (I haven't worked out what is happening with the CVS tree so I didn't
 > commit this yet.  Can someone give me a quick reminder how to commit
 > this patch to the 1.1.1 branch as well as the 1.2 head)

I was afraid someone was going to ask this :-)

Ok, simply applying patches to a branch is easy.

cvs co -r RELEASE_1_1_X
apply the patch
cvs ci

The thing to be aware of is that tags are sticky, i.e. if you check out
the branch then everything you do after that will be on the branch, including
ci, update, diff etc.

Now, the "experts" may want to do merges from the head to the branch when 
they apply patches to the head. My advice is don't. Unless you are *ABSOLUTELY*
sure that no development has been done to the head version then you could
do this but otherwise you'll pull new development from the head into the
patch branch which would be very bad.

My advice to people is to do this:

mkdir apache-1.2
cd apache-1.2
cvs co
cd ..
mkdir apache-1.1.X
cd apache-1.1.X
cvs co -r RELEASE_1_1_X
cd ..

then just cd into whichever directory it is you want to work on and you'll
always be sure you have the right version of the code available. You can
simply go into one or other of those directories and do a cvs up and it
will always sync with the right version.

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