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From Paul Richards <>
Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "two IP address, one net-interface, two httpd with diff doc roots, second httpd doc root not recognized" on (fwd)
Date Wed, 03 Jul 1996 13:05:49 GMT
Rob Hartill writes:
 > DocumentRoot is different for each.
 > BindAddress is different for each
 > (neither is an *)

Can we have a look at your config files and the commands you use
to initialise the network interface.

 > The first instance of httpd works without error.
 > The second instance of httpd, this one configured to
 > respond to a "virtual" inet interface, does
 > not serve documents from it's DocumentRoot, rather
 > it serves documents from the first instance of 
 > httpd's doc tree.

If you do a netstat you should be able to see which address the daemon is
listening on, just as a sanity check.

 > My first guess and suspicion is that FreeBSD v2.0.5
 > is not correctly passing something through the second
 > httpd.  Is this possible?

Unlikely, virtual hosting wouldn't work at all, it's more likely a
configuration error. Then again, it could be :-)

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