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From Lucid <>
Subject Re: I *don't* want Paul's style guide.
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 23:20:46 GMT
> You can't use 4-space indents and TABs and expect them to remain
> consistent.  Nor can you set the tab width on all display devices.
> Nor can you produce half-indents when TABs are used.
> Using TABs means that your code will look wrong on my display, which
> contradicts the reason for having visually indented styles.  Our experience
> within this project has already demonstrated that TABs cause problems.
> TABs get screwed up in mail because they don't indent by two spaces
> when the lines of code are preceded by "> " or "! ", which means that
> any lines preceded by TABs look screwed-up when compared to those
> using spaces to indent.  Hell, even Ben's voting styles look wrong
> after I tried to include them in a reply.
> It just isn't a good way to write code for a collaborative project.
> ......Roy

+1 on spaces...

I hate using spaces, I use tabs usually but...

It is a big pain for all the above reasons and more...
I have to use at least 6 diffrent terminal emulators
and all to many of them dont work right.
I use a mac an I get it one way... I use windows another...
And when I am at 7-11 dialing in on a 2400 baud modem
it diffrent too...

I guess my thought is that since this is meant to be run
on any unix machine, and more importantly developed on,
I think we need to be using spaces... wether or not 
anyone likes this...


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