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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: NeXT and mod_proxy.c
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 13:25:19 GMT
> I'm going to do a couple of minor changes tonight; one to remove the warnings
> from mod_proxy build on SunOS and some others, and hopefully a second to 
> get a build on NeXT. Can Rob tell me which header contains the dirent
> struct declaration on NeXT, or does it not have it?

Hope this answers the question..

pion:~> grep dirent /usr/include/* 
pion:~> grep dirent /usr/include/*/*
/usr/include/bsd/dirent.h:      #include <sys/dirent.h>         /* for struct dirent
/usr/include/bsd/libc.h:extern int      getdirentries(int, char *, int, long *);
/usr/include/bsd/syscall.h:#define SYS_getdirentries 156
pion:~> grep dirent /usr/include/*/*/*
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dir.h: * supported by the files /usr/include/dirent.h and
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dir.h: * /usr/include/sys/dirent.h.
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dir.h:                             extern  struct dirent *readdir(DIR
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dir.h:                             extern  struct dirent *readdir();
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dirent.h:/*        @(#)dirent.h    2.1 88/05/18 4.0NFSSRC SMI      */
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dirent.h: * Each directory entry is a struct dirent containing its file
number, the
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dirent.h:  struct  dirent {
/usr/include/bsd/sys/dirent.h:          (((sizeof (struct dirent) - (MAXNAMLEN+1) + \
/usr/include/bsd/ufs/inode.h:enum de_op { DE_CREATE, DE_LINK, DE_RENAME };      /* direnter
ops */


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