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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: support dir
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 17:33:03 GMT
>>>>> "Aram" == Aram Mirzadeh <> writes:

>> Alexei Kosut said:
>> I think that with autoconf, the "end user" should be able to do
>> 1) configure
>> 2) make
>> 3) make install
>> 4) run Apache
>> make install would install the binary itself, along with the support
>> tools, and properly tweaked config files into /usr/local/etc/apache or
>> a like directory specified in configuration.

This is pretty much exactly what our autoconfiscation does, except
there is actually a separate "install-apache" script that sets up a
simple Apache installation.  We made this separate since only new
users will want to run this script.

Aram> Can autoconf do dynamic updating of a location?  So if they want
Aram> to install it in /usr/local/www they can do it?

Absolutely.  Just pass --prefix=/usr/local/www to configure.  This is
even conveniently documented.

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