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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: I *don't* want Paul's style guide.
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 14:16:37 GMT writes:
 > > -1 on using tabs (and yes, I do mean that to be a real veto).  In the past
 > > we have lost days of progress due to mismatching patches solely because
 > > of TABs getting lost in the mail (from both users and developers).
 > > CVS helps this for the main source base, but not for code reviews or
 > > for contributions from outside.
 > > 
 > > No TABs, even if we have to run expand before every commit.
 > I'd like to veto your veto.  The patch argument is a bit silly I think.
 > Simply run "patch -l" and any whitespace differences are ignored.  TABS
 > are much too handy to throw away for such a minor issue.  The fact that
 > people can set their tab-width to whatever they are comfortable with
 > makes it easier to align the code when you are trying to make sense of it.

Mail doesn't screw up patches (unless your mailer is broken), nor
does ftp or any other method of passing patches around that I know of. What
*does* screw up patches is cutting and pasting, just don't do it.

The other thing that screws up patches is a lack of a style guide, some
people using spaces, some using tabs etc. If everyone has to conform to
where they use tabs and where they use spaces there shouldn't be a problem.
In any case, the amount of fixing that would be required to get a patch
merged in using cvs would be quite minimal, particularly with an indent

Incidentally, the repository is likely to get quite a bit bigger if we remove
all the tabs. Perhaps not a major issue for a small code base like Apache
but then again it might be.

 > Personally I always work with a tab-width of 4.

Me too.

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