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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject Re: 1.1b4 Multiply listens with one config (fwd)
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 14:14:46 GMT

Can someone more familiar with virtual hosts answer this please.


Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 08:51:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jeremy Hansen <>
To: Rob Hartill <>
Subject: Re: 1.1b4 Multiply listens with one config
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> >Listen to Multiple Addresses and Ports [Documentation to be written]
> >      Using the new Listen directive, Apache can listen to more than one
> >      port and IP address, using the same configuration set. 
> I don't understand the question. All the apache virtual host info
> can be put into one file.

Hmm, well with older versions of apache, I would have to create a start
and new daemon for each virtual server, if I wanted it to bind to that IP
address, or was I just doing it wrong?

For example if I wanted to use the 


for each virtual server, then I couldn't do the 

#DocumentRoot /home/WWW/sleeve.xxedgexx/public_html
#ErrorLog logs/paradise.error_log
#TransferLog logs/paradise.access_log

but in 1.1b4 you make it wound as if apache will listen to multiple
addresses.  Am I missing something?

Ok, if I wanted to have to virtual server, first one, the IP address is, it's Document root is in
/home/WWW/xxcyberxx.xxedgexx/htdocs, and it ServerRoot is in
/usr/webservers/httpd- and I want it to start 5 servers
to start cause it's a busier server, and second I have and
it's document root was /home/WWW/jedi.xxedgexx/htdocs, and it's server
root is at /usr/webservers/httpd- and I wanted only 3
servers to start with that one, ssi's to be enabled on that one, how would
I do this with only spawning one daemon and a config file?  GNNserver,
which I'm not supporting at all because I've had a lot of problems with
it, has on config file that you can build upon for each virtual server.
The daemon just reads this config file and you can have totally control
over each virtual servers option while only spawning one daemon.


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