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From Lucid <>
Subject Server Side java support
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 23:40:15 GMT
Ok perhaps this feature will be done by 1.2 or so...

I am currently working on hacking Java VM support into apache
The idea behind this is to use a clean room implementation
of java VM/JIT that will use the BSD licensing scheme.
It looks like the best bet is to use "Kaffe" which is part of
the Java Open Language Toolkit (JOLT).

The question is How should this be done...

	java support in the core
	java support via CGI like interface
	java module support
	embedded java VM as a handler

I am bothering to ask now because people will bitch later,
so hopefully by asking opinions now I will get less bitching...

I am planning to start on this sometime relativly soon,
if people can get me some idea of how they would like
java supported (if at all) it would be helpful.


BTW I wonder what the Netscape people are going to think about this...

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