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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Server Side java support
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 23:31:59 GMT
  I am bothering to ask now because people will bitch later,
  so hopefully by asking opinions now I will get less bitching...

Well, good luck getting us to agree on whatever you're doing ;-).
In any case, the first things you should probably look at are probably:

1) The *very* draft standard on the "Jeeves" API --- an inoffensive spec
   for "Servlets", on the model of what Netscape already have.  Sun is
   likely to try to turn this into a "standard", in so far as anything
   at all is standardized in the Java universe.

2) The W3C's Jigsaw server.  There are other Java servers that are out
   there which I haven't looked at as much, which may also be worth
   a glance, but Jigsaw is *really* cool.

3) The Netscape docs on their own server-side Java support are also
   probably worth perusal, even if you have to download a "free trial"
   server to get 'em...

(This is all a corollary to my first rule of API design, which is to
be aware of all the good ideas that are out there, and steal as many 
of them as you can get in the same package without really ugly bulges).


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