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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: I *don't* want Paul's style guide.
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 18:15:40 GMT
   Why don't we just list
   the disagreements we have with the current doc and revise the thing, that's
   how you deal with "standards" documents one there's some meat to them.

Because it's just *easier* to start with a document which most of us
agree with on most points (or at least which contains somewhat less
downright bad advice), rather than continuing to hack on "KNF", which
no one other than you has proposed as a style guide.  

There is only an advantage to starting with an existing document if we
can save work be reusing the stuff in that document, instead of
writing our own.  However, with regard to "KNF", I *disagree* with
most of it, and it has already been revised beyond recognition.  Given
that, it actually seems easier to me to start from scratch.

I also note with displeasure that you are now referring to your
"KNF"-based style drafts as "the current doc", even though there is no
consensus in the group on the use of a style guide based on that
document, and so it is *not* current Apache policy.  If, in the
future, you could refer to these things as "my KNF-based style
drafts", or some such locution which doesn't seem to give them a
quasi-official status which they do not possess, that would helpfully
clarify matters.


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