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Subject Re: quote for a press release (fwd)
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 17:36:29 GMT
	I was bugging a happy customer for a testimonial, and I
thought people here would like to see it.


glad to help out.

We currently use Apache as our public server, and Apache SSL as our
public-secure, and semi-public (for resale partners) servers. Internally
we use apache and ApacheSSL, as well as Netscape's Fast Track server (and
are currently testing out Jigsaw, among other servers).

Netscape's secure servers just didn't work the way we wanted them to: the
interface was clunky and required firewall adjustments to run, the access
control didn't work well for us, and it was just too black-boxey for us.

We like having config files, source code, and the ability to update anything
we want to that comes with Apache (like a 5min hack module that disables
directory listings in an unnoticeable way to the client). Plus we like the
lean-meanness of Apache in general, and the actual useful development work
that goes on. (which is more valuable to your average webmaster: database
integration with some database you know better than to ever consider using, or
a persistent perl interpreter? Which is more comfortable to your average
sysadmin: configure-make-install, or some gigantic shell script that only
vaguely hints at what it is doing and where it is installing various things,
and then proceeds to start programs and open up ports on your machine at will?)

We also like the flexibility that comes with having the CA tools. We can
run zero-overhead certificate creation for internal servers, both Netscape and
ApacheSSL, plus in the next release we are looking forward to generating client
certs for our channel partners. It gives us the control we need to run a
dynamic secure site. Plus we have the flexibility to do unusual things with
our certs that would be impossible with the processing overhead of the big
CA's. Not to mention that for Intranets, running a local CA is the only logical

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-986-8770
Community ConneXion, Inc.			FAX:     510-986-8777
The Internet Privacy Provider

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