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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Patches
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 16:25:40 GMT
>   I think that we are still seeing valid changes and cleanup patches
>   coming in like Andy and Jim's and would like to see them go into
>   the 1.1 release.
> Randy --- 

Before we start this week off like last, I would appreciate it if
you would address these issues to the group. I am clearly not the
only one that supports cleanup of the code, nor did I classify
the mod_cern_meta as "cleanup". Call it a needed functionality

Since you seem to have my position on this confused, let me reiterate.

I support the notion of branching the current CVS tree and beginning
work on 1.2.

I support the idea of yet another public beta after including some
of these patches that have been presented.

I support the idea of fixing the UnixWare/ no_linger problem.

In NO WAY am I supporting the idea of tossing in these patches
and doing a general 1.1 release today.

I see no reason for rushing to a general 1.1 release for the simple
reason that we have other enhancements that we want to begin adding.
That's why we have setup CVS.

> the mod_cern_meta patch was by no stretch of the imagination
> a "cleanup" --- given the switch from per-server to per-directory
> functionality, and the sheer number of lines that changed, I'd rate it
> more like a "rewrite".  At any rate, that's certainly what I
> considered my own per-directory version of the module from apache-XX,
> and the reason I vetoed its inclusion when Alexei asked about it.
> I'd also like to reiterate that every new patch that gets tossed in
> creates the prospect of introducing new bugs.  That is why I very much
> want to see patches between 1.1b4 and 1.1-final restricted to fixes for
> severe bugs only.
> As that implies, I'm afraid I disagree violently with the basic
> "cleanup" argument itself.  *Any* change to the code, whether you call
> it a cleanup or a clambake, risks introducing new bugs.  Introducing
> several wholesale changes now, just before final release, because
> somebody thinks they look nice --- which is what your "let's do
> cleanups" notes seem to be arguing for --- would practically guarantee
> nasty surprises.  I don't want any.
> rst

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