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From Paul Richards <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 14:49:27 GMT
Paul Richards writes:
 > Revised style guide. I've explicitly listed the indentation rules which may
 > or may not be contentious. I've admitted defeat on the function declaration
 > issue and fixed up all I could spot and made the few other changes that
 > I remember people noting. I may have missed a few, lots of mail when I get
 > in on Mondays because I'm usually away at weekends.
 > Anymore comments?

I've got some :-)

I don't like the way return (0) has a space while exit(0) doesn't.

I think there should be space after casts, (void *) foo, rather than
(void *)foo..

Neither are serious and at this level I don't think we should be pedantic
about correcting people's code but we should perhaps decide what we'd like
to see as the standard.

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