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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject Re: Security bug
Date Mon, 01 Jul 1996 13:54:31 GMT

Doesn't ring any bells for me. I'll forward your mail to a wider


>I have created a 'secure' subdirectory under cgi-bin. I use .htaccess to 
>protect that subdirectory and I stored in it a CGI executable called 
>fone_form. I can execute fone_form without any problems in 
>/cgi-bin/secure as long as I call it without parameters. If I call it 
>with parameters, I get the standarad 'Unknown file type' error message. 
>The server correctly recognizes the file as being of type 
>'application/x-httpd-cgi' but the browser does not seem to know what to 
>do with it. If I put the same application in /cgi-bin/, I can call it 
>with or without parameters. Do you have any ideas as to why it does not
>work in /cgi-bin/secure?
>I tried moving the 'test-cgi' script to /cgi-bin/secure. I can call it 
>with or without parameters. The only difference I see between 'test-cgi' 
>and 'fone_form' is that fone_form is a 'C' exe and 'test-cgi' is a shell 
>I hope you can help me in this area. I checked the known bugs list and 
>found nothing. 
>Thanks for your attention
>Najla Drooby

Rob Hartill (
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