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From Bob Vance <>
Subject proxy and ftp
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 06:41:47 GMT
I just downloaded and ported with no problems the 1.1.1 version of the
Apache Server.  But, I am having no luck with the FTP component of the Proxy
Server module (the http proxy stuff is working great):

1) The mailing address compiled in for anonymous access, "proxy_user@host"
did not work with any sites that I tried.  I got a FORBIDDEN error.  I
changed it to be "", and it worked.

2) Now, the directory lists stuff fails.  When a ftp link ends in a "/", eg,
        "" ,
the code at around line 2530 ( /* set request */ ) end up sending a 'RETR'
with a null path argument and receives a "500" return code.  I tried
monkeying around with the code to check for an ending "/" and then sending a
"NLST .", but it doesn't quite do the the trick.  Unfortunately, I don't
know enough about the FTP protocol to go much further.
Am I missing something in the setup, or is this a real bug??

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