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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: graceful restart Mk. II
Date Tue, 25 Jun 1996 23:04:01 GMT
On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Ben Laurie wrote:

> > The point of Listen is to bind Apache to more than one port or address
> > (or both). Which can be rather useful.
> I won't ask why. Yes, I will. Why? What does it do that virtual hosts don't?
> Come to that, how does it interact with virtual hosts?

Um... it lets you bind Apache to more than one port or address. Didn't I
just say that?

It interacts with virtual hosts just fine. A virtual host, by default,
will answer all ports you're listening to (this is the main Port plus any
Listens). You can further localize this, by using
<VirtualHost hostname:port>. (or *:port, for that matter).

The reason you use this is so you can have the server respond on more than
one port. There are a number of reasons to do this. I know several sites
that had legacy servers running on high ports that they couldn't just get
rid of. Listen allows them to use one daemon to listen to all those ports.
Similarly with addresses.

And, as I just said, it lets you use virtual hosts with multiple ports.
This means that if you need lots of servers that need to be at the root
directory, you don't have to give each one a seperate IP address, or even
a seperate DNS entry (if you have a Host-sending browser). You can just
throw in a bunch of Listen directives and run one per port.

It's useful, trust me.

-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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