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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Binaries for 1.1
Date Sun, 30 Jun 1996 23:59:28 GMT
On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I think we should start signing up for pre-compiled binaries to be
> available when we announce 1.1... It would be nice to have them
> available as well as the source. With the bin's would be a short README
> detailing the particulars of the build.
> I'm up for A/UX.

I know there's a process for this somewhere, ah yes:

There's one more issue I want input on (initializing the error_log
variable to stderr) before packaging up 1.1b5.  Hopefully I can get enough
feedback to do that tonight.  When that happens, each person responsible
for a platform should download it fresh, do both a standard compilation
and a complete (minus mod_auth_msql, with config_log in place of
common_log, -DSTATUS, without dld) compilation.  Do you have to run it
against a live server?  I'd say no, if any functionality was broken then
either we've found out about it now or a single test *won't* determine it.

Tomorrow evening, barring any major problems that the testing shows, I'll
rename the source "1.1", package that, and put it up live.  The platform
builders then have 24 hours to grab the source and build the binary
distributions as described in that binaries.html document.  Wednesday
morning I'll send out the announcement to apache-announce and c.i.w.s.u.

I incorporated the volunteers for platforms like so:

1) Mark Imbrianco, you're now on for irix (I was doing it, but our
   compiler installation is instable currently)

2) Both Andrew Wilson and Brian Tao are on the bill for FreeBSD 2.x - 
   I don't care who does it first.

3) Aram, I presume you're still on for Linux, if not, Michael Douglass
   can fill in.

4) Rob Hartill, can you still build the NeXT distribution?

5) Randy, are you still interested in SunOS 4.1.x?  If not, could you
   hand it off to Michael?

That should be it.  I'll send out a message when 1.1b5 is ready for

I know this is going to be a trying couple of days, but we're almost



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