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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "srm.conf-dist has invalid Meta* lines" on Linux (fwd)
Date Thu, 13 Jun 1996 19:05:59 GMT
On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Hmmm... I'm starting to have the same problem myself, but I still
> wouldn't want to make the server swallow just *anything* in the config
> files to deal with it.  However, I would be happy with solutions which
> find a way to delimit the danger --- something like:
>   <IfModule HostLog>
>   HostLog ...
>   </IfModule>

This would be useful for the following situation: we want to distribute a
module which implements some pretty complex stuff (say mod_proxy), and we
want to specify a default configuration which automatically turns on when
mod_proxy is running.  Using a system like the above would enable us to
put something like

<IfModule Proxy>

and if the user just went in and compiled the server with the proxy
settings turned on and then right after compile launched the site, they'd
have a safety net provided by the default config for that module.  I think
I like this.

> (which addresses your specific issue) or maybe even just:
>   <IgnoreConfigErrors>
>   # Potentially dicey stuff goes here --- you snooze, you lose,
>   # (though perhaps you can find out how by reading the error_log),
>   # but you still have protection from potentially dangerous typos
>   # elsewhere. 
>   ...
>   </IgnoreConfigErrors>

This would provide roughly the same functionality, but if we distributed a
default config file with all the module-specific stuff in here, people
would get warnings unless they compiled in all modules, so many warnings
perhaps that *real* problems would escape them.  The above avoids that,
since it doesn't even have to think about (and thus warn about)
module-specific directives. 



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