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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Apache 1.1b3 released (fwd)
Date Mon, 10 Jun 1996 09:18:10 GMT

Here's what I sent.


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Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 02:08:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject: Apache 1.1b3 released

The third beta release of Apache 1.1 is now available.  You can get this 
distribution from the main US server at, or at any 
one of the 26 mirror sites (though it may take a day or two for the 
mirrors to pick up the new release).  

The changes from 1.1b2 are listed below.  We expect this to be the last 
beta before the official release of 1.1, so please give it a workout on 
your servers and let us know about any bugs you might find. 


  *) Much of cgi-bin and all of cgi-src has been removed, due to
     various security holes found and that we could no longer support

  *) The "Set-Cookie" header is now special-special-cased to not 
     merge multiple instances, since certain popular browsers can not 
     handle multiple Set-Cookie instructions in a single header.

  *) rprintf() added to buffer code, occurances of sprintf removed.

  *) CONNECT method for proxy module, which means tunning SSL should work.
     (No crypto needed)  Also a NoCache config directive.

  *) Several API additions: pstrndup(), table_unset() and get_token()
     functions now available to modules.

  *) mod_imap fixups, in particular Location: headers are now complete

  *) New "info" module which reports on installed module set through a 
     special URL, a la mod_status

  *) "ServerPath" directive added - allows for graceful transition
     for Host:-header-based virtual hosts.

  *) Anonymous authentication module improvements

  *) MSQL authentication module improvements

  *) Status module design improved - output now tables-based

  *) htdigest utility included for use with digest authentication
  *) mod_negotiation: Accept values with wildcards to be treated with
     less priority than those without wildcards at the same quality

  *) Bugs which were fixed:
        a) numerous mod_proxy bugs
        b) CGI early-termination bug 
        c) Keepalives not working with virtual hosts
        d) RefererIgnore problems
        e) closing fd's twice in mod_include (causing core dumps on
           Linux and elsewhere).


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