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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 1.1b3 to be built tonight
Date Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:54:36 GMT
On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Alexei Kosut wrote:
> > Unless I hear otherwise (if someone's doing this please tell me,) I will be
> > building 1.1b3 tonight, after seeing "The Rock".  A couple of questions
> Hear that's good... tried to see it yesterday, but it was sold
> out. *sigh*

it was pretty good - yeah, the theatres were crowded, even on a Sunday 
night, and while there were holes in the script, I'm such a sucker for Sean 
Connery *and* shots of San Francisco that I was doomed from the start :) 
As someone yelled during the previews, if you can't afford the time to 
see it playing now, "video".

> > 1) I presume I can change the server_version right before releasing this, 
> > ja?
> There should probably be a standard set of instructions for making a
> distribution... something like:
> * change SERVER_VERSION in httpd.h (and commit said change)
> * tag it: cvs tag APACHE_1_1b3 (at some point, we may want to branch too)
>   (note: be sure to tag the whole thing, not just src)
> * make an export version of the distribution: cvs export -Dnow Apache
> * Copy Configuration.tmpl to Configuration
> * Remove RULES.CVS file and various .cvsignore files (in src/ and support/)
> * Tar, compress/gzip and release.
> * change SERVER_VERSION to next-version-dev (and commit said change)
> I think that's it.

Sounds great to me, and so it is done.  I've also changed all mention of 
1.1b2 on the web site to 1.1b3, and I'm cleaning up the last of the 
bounces on apache-announce from the last mailing before sending the 
announcement out tonight.

> > 2) The "CHANGES" file has barely been touched.  Can the CVS gurus tell me 
> > how I can see all the comments from all the commits since 1.1b2, so I can 
> > update CHANGES?

Turns out looking at the apache-cvs logs were the most efficient way.

> And there's at least one bug, that's verified, is pretty important,
> that isn't fixed yet: When running as inetd (yes, ugh), non-200
> responses don't get sent. I'm just about to look into this, maybe it's
> a simple fix, but it's counter to your statement at any rate. Say
> instead that "many bugs have been fixed" or some such.

I saw your patch, I'll let more qualified eyes +1 it :)  I'll avoid 
notions of schedule or finality in the message.


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