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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: more on ServerPath
Date Sun, 09 Jun 1996 01:49:35 GMT

Okay, I'm now comfortable with this proposed system.  The only case which it
doesn't address is when references are made to "/something" on the client
side, like

<A HREF="/index.html">The home page</A>

The Apache site has had any references like that drilled out because it's 
mirrored in subdirectories all over the place, but I know things like 
this are in just about every site Organic has built, probably on every 
page. :)  The only solution to *that* is to modify mod_include to parse 
HTML references for HREF="/ or SRC="/, and add the serverpath before that 
/.  But I suppose if it's important to us we'll do the work.  Besides, 
sites as image-conscious as us will probably wait until we can tell 
people "upgrade yer browser" rather than have fun in URL-space, so for 
the other 99% this is probably a perfectly decent solution.


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