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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src http_core.c
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:16:47 GMT
On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > Include dir/* sounds like the best way, ja.  Should a common regex lib in 
> > util.c be a goal for 1.2?  I think so.
> Actually, I've compiled and have been playing with Howard Fear's
> mod_xinclude on FreeBSD and Solaris. Neither require a regex library
> and I'm curious just how many will. My bet is that very few of
> the systems we play with these days will require us to pull in
> another library. Seems that this should be no different than
> pointing a user to gdbm if they don't have dbm on thier system.
> Is there some reason I am not thinking about to include a regex
> library in Apache?

^lib^function (or set of functions).  My mistake, no external linking 
intended.  Just something that all module authors can use to reduce the 
process size somewhat.


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