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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: patch? (Patch to fix the fatal missing VHost dir)
Date Sat, 01 Jun 1996 21:20:35 GMT
On Wed, 29 May 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:
> I'm including a patch to accomplish what Michael suggested.
> Unfortunately, we cannot count on having an open error log
> at this point, so we have to use fprintf() at present.
> Error logging is a future project....

+1, definitely.

> I am also including in this patch a genericized version of my
> VHostConfigdir patch of old. This change allows you to specify
> 'ConfigDir' directives which are parsed for '*.conf' files.
> I've elected to be specific about file extension so that it
> would still be possible to have non-config files in these 
> directories, as well as being about to turn off certain files
> by renaming them.

This is fine, but refresh my memory - are srm.conf, httpd.conf, and 
access.conf all complete opaque as to where directives can go?  I.e., is 
there a qualitative difference between the resource config file and the 
server config file and/or the access config files, or could I put 
absolutely everything in httpd.conf?  I think this is the case, but if 
not, then doesn't ConfigDir need some knowlege of what type of config 
files it'll find there?

It might also be nice to make sure a situation like the following doesn't 
happen - I have a main httpd.conf and a bunch of sub-conf files which 
each do configuration for one virtualhost, and then I set ownerships and 
permissions for each of those so that separate people are editing them.  
I obviously don't want one of the vhost-conf maintainers to be able to 
set the User directive.  Although, I suppose all this (even the ConfigDir 
functionality) could be solved using Perl scripts that run once rather 
than putting the functionality deep inside the server...


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