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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Apache Web Server Performance (fwd)
Date Fri, 07 Jun 1996 06:42:07 GMT
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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 23:35:35 -0800
From: Timedancer <>
Subject: Apache Web Server Performance


As technical support for the Apache server, you are probably interested in
how it compares with other server software. You will likely be interested
in the results of our latest venture, "The Great Web Race of 1996". We are
looking for the fastest servers on the Net.  We will be looking at actual
delivery to the desktop, a rather different approach that the laboratory
testing others are using. It should be interesting to see how our results

 We will be using spare capacity on our page delivery audit service "OnTime
Delivery". This service has been running for over a year, with such clients
as IBM and Thomsom International publishing. In recent months we have
signed up such well known clients as HP, CNN and (in the UK) ICL.

 We have just started promoting the Web Race, and already have contestants
using a wide variety of servers. If you would like to sign up some of your
local servers, you would be welcome. Below is a promo piece for the Web



"Just how fast is your server hardware? To find out, enter your servers in
"The Great Web Race of 1996". Upload  a copy of our test page to your
servers, and our page delivery audit system will stop by to check the speed
of your servers. Everyone's a winner in this race. All contestants will get
a free customized report on how their server performs compared to others in
its class.

We will be using the data we collect to produce a Web Server Configuration
Guide. This Configuration Guide will be made freely available to the Web
community. We aim to provide factual answers to such questions as:

   * What factors effect the speed of my Web site?
   * How big a server should I have for my size of Net connection?
   * How big a Net connection should I have for my size of server?
   * How fast are the available software choices on my hardware?

A quick check of the web server Newsgroups found over 500 posts related to
these topics this year. Many people had personal experience and opinions to
offer. We think some actual measurements will be of benefit to the whole
Web community.

The more people enter, the more accurate our answers will be. We hope you
will encourage other users of your brand of hardware to join the Race. As
you will see, we have left the details of server specification rather open.
If you have suggestions on how we should breakout the data for your brand
of server, please let us know.

 For more details see:

Hope to see some of your servers in the Race."

Bernard Hughes    Chief Designer 
Timedancer Systems                     
OnTime Delivery - Page Delivery Audit Service for Web Publishers

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