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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject On the plate...
Date Mon, 17 Jun 1996 03:40:18 GMT

Since 1.1b4 seems to be postponed for a bit, I thought I'd take a
minute and document what I think we still have out there. If I've
missed anything, please let me know.

1) RST's patch to restore r->bytes_sent.
2) RST's patch to "make Apache behave a little more sensibly
when a script stops reading output early"
3) RST's patch to fix auth behavior wrt PUTs and things
4) Garey's OS/2 patches.

No one's commented yet on 1 or 2, a couple people have wondered if
anyone's making use of the current (broken) behavior fixed by 3, and
several people have questioned 4.

I say, commit 'em. Unless someone can point and say "this *will* break
something.", I think it's infinitely better to have
less-than-completely tested patches in 1.1b4 and break half the web
servers out there than have almost-completely-tested patches applied
to 1.1.0 and break half the web servers out there.

Looks like 1.1b4 isn't coming out tonight... how about tomorrow?
Randy, how's the Unixware stuff coming? From your last message, it
sounded like we might just as well release 1.1b4, since you didn't
know if you could fix it.

Here, let's do this: Unless someone objects, tomorrow, around
lunchtime (Pacific time), I'll commit the patches listed above (unless
someone beats me to it) and any others people want in there, release a
1.1b4, and we can worry about releasing a 1.1.0 before aliens come and
blow up the planet (ID4).

Howzat sound?

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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