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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: more on ServerPath
Date Mon, 03 Jun 1996 03:20:39 GMT
On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> Looks like a feature more than a bug fix, but I won't veto it if someone
> can check the code for glaring mistakes. Not sure if Paul approves of this
> kind of beta work. Paul? some negative vibes on this probably won't change
> people's minds here, but could be worthwhile to promote better development
> practice in the future.

I agree that it's a bit more of a feature, but did I mention I think
it's an important feature? It will "promote better development
practice" in browsers :)

At any rate, I figured we'd better implement it before Roy Fielding
lets slip that he promised some people that Apache would do so. At
least according to Jim Gettys in <> on
http-wg, he did:

! the time (per Klensin's original recommendations), but Roy successfully
! argued us (in the Palo Alto meeting) around to a more slightly more
! loose definition, by promising he'd personally make sure that Apache
! correctly implemented the host requirements and report errors properly

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server
      "War does not determine who is right, only who is left."

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