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Subject Re: Proposal
Date Fri, 28 Jun 1996 00:49:34 GMT
> 2) Update documentation on the web site.  If I can find elements to
> delegate, I'll be happy to do that - who's interested?  I think the
> Postscript version can wait a little bit, but providing a tar file of the
> HTML docs can happen (David, can you give me info on how you created the
> PS version from the HTML version?  Do you have time to facilitate this?) does not list mod_info.  Here is
the appropriate mod_info.html documentation file:

<title>Apache module mod_info</title>

<IMG SRC="../images/apache_sub.gif" ALT="">
<h1>Apache module mod_info</h1>

This module is contained in the <code>mod_info.c</code> file.
It provides a comprehensive overview of the current server configuration
including all installed modules.
This module is not compiled into the server by default.
To enable it, add the following line to the server build Configuration file.
Module info_module   mod_info.o
To configure it, add the following to your <code>access.conf</code> file.
&lt;Location /info&gt;
SetHandler server-info

You may wish to add a limit clause inside the location directive to limit
access to your server configuration information.<p>
Once configured, the server information is obtained by accessing

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