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Subject Re: Apache Group Membership
Date Wed, 26 Jun 1996 21:29:40 GMT
> Well, there's a list on the Web pages, and a procedure, too, if I remember.
> One becomes a member by being invited.

"Being Invited" is quite a fuzzy concept.

> 2. Value of vote. As it stands, most people in the Group are here because
> of their expertise in some area. What is a vote from a person whose only
> demonstrated skill is the ability to send mail worth?

Perhaps the person in order to qualify has to stick around on the list for
some minimum period and also either be an active tester or have had
significant pieces of code included in the distribution.

Personally, I have fixed a bug or two and contributed the mod_info module.
I wouldn't consider that sufficient to be a core Apache Group member.


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