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Subject Re: 1.1b3 and things???
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:30:39 GMT
>      I think we should do this. Move the main site out
> of the US. US-types will have to be sure that CVS-commits stay away
> from the crypto code.
>      What is dangerous about canada though is that it isn't illegal
> to export crypto to canada. So if a CVS-type in the US puts some
> crypto code on rasmus's CVS server, then that is totally legal, but
> then apache becomes restricted to US & Canada, and we lose.
>      Having the CVS server outside US & Canada would be nicer.

Hold on, if it isn't illegal to export crypto to Canada from the US, and
it isn't illegal to export crypto from Canada to the rest of the world,
how is it restricted?  Or is there some agreement somewhere between the
two countries that I am not aware of?  (not that I have ever paid much
attention to this)  Canada and the US don't exactly see eye to eye on a
lot of these foreign policy issues (ie. Cuba).


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