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Subject Re: wild prediction
Date Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:18:17 GMT
> I'd throw in OpenDoc, assuming Apple and co. can really get its act
> together soon, as it claims it can. One advantage of OpenDoc is that
> it can already use OLE peices, and within the year (so they claim)
> it'll have Java built in too. Which takes care of 2/3 of your list.
> And while I don't have the hardware (here at home) to try it, people
> keep claiming Cyberdog (Apple's OpenDoc-based Internet architecture)
> is "really cool".

Then I'll counter with Corba.  There is already a free implementation (ILU)
along with a Java ORB (Jylu).  And Orbix's commercial products are
truly impressive.  Corba, OLE and OpenDoc should actually be able to
get along and I am not convinced that we are going to have a clear winner
here.  Everybody can keep doing their own thing and with a little glue
the various brands of clients will all talk to the various brands of


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