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Subject Re: wild prediction
Date Mon, 03 Jun 1996 03:33:05 GMT
> MS are currently running some excellent TV commercials that open more
> minds to getting onto the net, and they'll have the MS name tied in with
> the internet.

They are also hiring lots of Unix-heads and porting MSIE to Unix.  I have
been pestered by calls in the past week from a Toronto placement
agency which does all the hiring for Microsoft Canada.  Telling them that
I know bugger-all about MS products and that I only do Unix has not
discouraged them the slightest.  They are either really really stupid, or
smarter than I thought.

> An Apache prediction?, we'll get to about 40-45% of the 'market' share
> and will stay there for next year or more. Netscape's server share will
> fall as more NT people move to the MS server. I also have a feeling that
> someone will embed Apache into a UNIX OS to improve efficiency.. one of
> the intel based OSes no doubt. Paul, any sign of this kind of move in
> the FreeBSD camp?

Won't happen in the Linux camp.  At least not for a very long time.  I don't
think anybody would be able to convince Linus that a web server is not 
something that belongs in user space.  And I tend to agree that it should
stay in user space.


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