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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: KNF document
Date Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:05:12 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
> Robert S. Thau writes:
>  >   I finally found the KNF document. It's *very* close to the general
>  >   consensus
>  > 
>  > Sorry.  It makes several recommendations on which there is no
>  > explicit consensus, and with which I frankly disagree.  These include
>  > use of the _P() macro and K&R-style declarations for function arguments,
>  > to allow use of obsolete pre-ANSI compilers, putting enum values in 
>  > all caps, and the obscure rules about order of declaration of local
>  > variables, which again seem based on obsolete technology (e.g.,
>  > declaring the largest local variables first, to shrink the stack 
>  > frame for comiplers too dumb to reorder the things on their own).
> I wasn't suggesting adopting it wholesale, I meant to adopt it as the
> discussion document and then revise it, I'd agree with most of your points
> above. I'm having a hard time remebering what rule 3a1 is supposed to bloody
> look like and if we just revise an actual document I think we'll reach
> consensus quicker since the tallies seem to reflect the *general* KNF
> approach.
> I'll prepare another draft that's more up to date and in tune with
> current opinion.

If we "just revise an actual document" how do we show the alternatives? Of
course, the idea is that once we've decided what we want to do (by the current
method) we can then produce a document describing that decision. I can't see
how it helps to try to do it the other way round.

BTW, we haven't said anything about structure declarations - should we, or
do they just follow the "normal" brace rules?



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