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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: Comments on 1.1b3 mod_auth_msql.c file (fwd)
Date Mon, 10 Jun 1996 17:53:17 GMT
> not acked.
> pick off whatever takes your fancy.

Cheers. I'll check this; a good critical report is always very welcome :-)
> For example, the code to test if a user is in the database only once tests the
> number of COLUMNS returned by the SQL query, not the number of ROWS.  This is
> obviously wrong, as the number of columns is *always* one.  

hmm, I might have mixed up NumRows and NumFields, would not be the first time :-)

> In any case,
> supporting a db which allows for multiple password entries for the same person
> is just asking for trouble -- it violates good relational table design, too.

I quite agree. It was put in there because of feedback by quite a few people which
managed to get two entries into the database; mainly because mSQL itself is quite
buggy as well; allowing this to happen regardless of the primary key !.
> The code that tests for authorization duplicates lots of effort, too.  There
> is no need for the msql_check_auth() function to test for the valid users.

Hmm, that is why it just returns OK I guess :-)

> That's already done for you.  It only needs to test the individual groups.

That is what it does.

> The way it does that requires one SQL query *per group* listed in the access
> control file.  This is quite inefficient if you allow multiple groups to
> access a given directory.  My version of mod_auth_msql.c does all groups in
> one query to the server -- the merged version you are distributing wasn't
> based on the latest version of my code which does groups very efficiently.

Neat idea! Let's do some further merging.

Thanks for the report, the NumRow/NumField one should really be corrected, I'll
check that tomorrow. I like the idea of asking for all the groups in one go,
the disadvantage is that you have to be carefull with your query buffer.




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