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From "Robert S. Thau" <>
Subject Re: feature idea
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 21:46:07 GMT
  I think one might accomplish this by fielding/catching a different
  signal that HUP,

Ummm... here's what's happening.  When the "caretaker" server process
(the one whose pid is in the pidfile) receives a SIGHUP, it does a 
killpg(), again with a SIGHUP, to the process group containing all of
the server child processes.  

Right now, on receipt of a SIGHUP, they all shrivel up and die.  What
they *ought* to be doing is finishing whatever they are working on, and
then going away the next time they reach the top of the loop in child_main().

The signal numbers really don't have anything much to do with it.


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