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From "Garey Smiley" <>
Subject Re: wild prediction
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 15:17:24 GMT
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996 00:18:17 -0400 (EDT), wrote:

>> I'd throw in OpenDoc, assuming Apple and co. can really get its act
>> together soon, as it claims it can. One advantage of OpenDoc is that
>> it can already use OLE peices, and within the year (so they claim)
>> it'll have Java built in too. Which takes care of 2/3 of your list.
>> And while I don't have the hardware (here at home) to try it, people
>> keep claiming Cyberdog (Apple's OpenDoc-based Internet architecture)
>> is "really cool".
>Then I'll counter with Corba.  There is already a free implementation (ILU)
>along with a Java ORB (Jylu).  And Orbix's commercial products are
>truly impressive.  Corba, OLE and OpenDoc should actually be able to
>get along and I am not convinced that we are going to have a clear winner
>here.  Everybody can keep doing their own thing and with a little glue
>the various brands of clients will all talk to the various brands of

OpenDoc is fully Corba compliant. Corba has more features, but the
OpenDoc group has stated that they will try to comply with all the
Corba features. So you can almost consider OpenDoc the same as Corba.

Garey Smiley
SoftLink Services
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