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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: Style list summary
Date Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:35:22 GMT
In article <>,
Jim Jagielski  <> wrote:
>Hmmm... SGI you say? Do we have a semi-dedicated SGI person here?
>Someone who can focus on the SGI/IRIX platform would be nice. are IRIX boxes.  We're running 5.3 at the moment,
and I've been dabbling with 6.2 (but won't be doing anything serious
until I see a rollup patch).  You could say we're committed to it... but
we're still way back on a patched 1.0.3.  I'm dreading the patches up
to 1.1b5-dev because I know work has been done in all the places that
hotwired has special code for. (the main box) is also an overburdened litle indy running 5.3
and vanilla 1.0.5.  I can probably get them to try anything on that box
if we say it's faster :)


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