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From Michael Smith <>
Subject What to call apache binaries
Date Thu, 27 Jun 1996 08:23:12 GMT
Dear All,

Well the apache project goes from strength to strength.  I have a bit of
a problem though, in that I seem to have so many binaries floating
around I don't know what to call them!

First there's the basic httpd_1.1b4 which is the binary with the default
configuration.  However because we have several different projects going
on I am ending up compiling different versions with different modules
on, so I get httpd_1.1b4_fcgi and httpd_1.1b4_fcgi_sugid; well it's
beginning to get a bit ridiculous but I'm not sure of any way of
shortening it ... any suggestions?

This may be a naive question but from my understanding, fvwm can load in
modules at run-time, so you compile all the modules in advance and
specify in the equivalent of httpd.conf those modules that you want to
use this time.  Would such a thing be possible for apache?

Cheers dudes

Michael Smith

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