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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: KNF document
Date Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:27:29 GMT
Robert S. Thau writes:
 >   I finally found the KNF document. It's *very* close to the general
 >   consensus
 > Sorry.  It makes several recommendations on which there is no
 > explicit consensus, and with which I frankly disagree.  These include
 > use of the _P() macro and K&R-style declarations for function arguments,
 > to allow use of obsolete pre-ANSI compilers, putting enum values in 
 > all caps, and the obscure rules about order of declaration of local
 > variables, which again seem based on obsolete technology (e.g.,
 > declaring the largest local variables first, to shrink the stack 
 > frame for comiplers too dumb to reorder the things on their own).

I wasn't suggesting adopting it wholesale, I meant to adopt it as the
discussion document and then revise it, I'd agree with most of your points
above. I'm having a hard time remebering what rule 3a1 is supposed to bloody
look like and if we just revise an actual document I think we'll reach
consensus quicker since the tallies seem to reflect the *general* KNF

I'll prepare another draft that's more up to date and in tune with
current opinion.

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