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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: fixes to assist building Apache-1.1b4 on SunOS-4.1, among other
Date Thu, 27 Jun 1996 12:10:31 GMT
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert S Thau <> writes:

Robert> Regarding finding the actual definition of a function in a sea
Robert> of uses, you may have a point... I'll have to think about it.
Robert> NB there are numerous 'ctags'-style utilities which address
Robert> this need --- have you tried any?  Why don't you like them?

They're extra effort to use. You have to maintain the ctags file when
you make changes. ctags has its uses but I tend to work with both
depending on what I'm doing. If I'm not in an editor (i.e. using grep)
then ctags isn't very usefull. Finding all the free_* functions for
example isn't so easy with ctags.

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