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Subject Re: When 1.1 is released, where's the party?
Date Thu, 27 Jun 1996 03:48:21 GMT
> I've always lived in the bay area (well, for the last 15 years, at any
> rate). I mean, would I really move there just to work at Organic for
> the summer? (would I?)

	but the bay area rules, of course you would. I didn't know you
where in the bay area though. Where more specifically?

> Although... according to, the only
> ones who do live around the bay area happen to work for
> Organic. Hmm. So much for that. Is there anyone out there who's in
> the Bay Area besides Brian, Cliff and me?

	i'm not on the contrib list, but we're in oakland. 
> The IETF is going to be in San Jose this December, isn't it? Maybe we
> could do something then, if anyone's coming.

	oh that would be cool, maybe I can finally get off my butt and
go to ietf. Everyone should go to the usenix security symposium in san
jose next month, because I am giving a talk. =)

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