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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: SET_BYTES_SENT (problem with run_sub_req())
Date Thu, 27 Jun 1996 01:59:09 GMT
Since I missed these suggestions in your mail, I'll respond
to them now...

I don't understand how I could use a "fixup" to do what I
am doing here. I want to pass the request to a different
module/handler. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

When I first brought this up (a week ago) Alexei suggested
that perhaps I should be using invoke_handler(). This seems
to resolve the problem, and I don't remember you having any
comment about it.

> I suggest:
>   > I take it this is in a response phase handler.  Why not just set
>   > r->handler in a fixup?  (That's what fixups are there for).
> which, if it were suitable, would work without having to even
> glance at core-private black magic.  Randy responds. without
> saying a word about why fixups are unsuitable:
>   Ok. That brings us to the second part of my question.
>   Can we move the prototype for invoke_handler() outside of
>   the CORE_PRIVATE macro?
> Answer: Not until we're absolutely sure that there's *no* other way to
> make your code work.  Either fixups or internal_redirects would be
> far preferable, as far as I'm concerned.
> rst

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