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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: fixes to assist building Apache-1.1b4 on SunOS-4.1, among other things (fwd)
Date Wed, 26 Jun 1996 11:37:04 GMT
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert S Thau <> writes:

Robert> As a SunOS victim, I've long since given up on the native
Robert> compiler as hopelessly broken and not worth supporting.  Even
Robert> so, some of the guy's changes leave me totally perplexed, as
Robert> when he repeatedly claims to have removed "Pascal-isms" which
Robert> are "not C" and "GNU extensions".

Sme of them puzzle me too. Perhaps he could explain what he thought
was wrong in the first place.

Robert> More generally, thorough conformance to some kind of coding
Robert> standard might be nice (though I really *don't* like Berkeley
Robert> style, before anyone else brings it up; K&R with four-space
Robert> indents is what most of the code is written to currently, and
Robert> suits me fine).  However, it does require a thorough and
Robert> *correct* understanding of what the C language looks like...

A "loose" coding style would certainly make looking at other code easier,
I have a hard time following some of the code in Apache simply because it
looks so odd. What don't you like about the Berkeley style, just as a matter
of interest. I obviously like it but if nothing else, I think we should
use the function definition format from it because it makes it so easy
to search for the things. I also think ANSI C rather than K&R should be
the standard. I'm not really bothered about more cosmetic things such as
how much to indent (as long as there is indentation) but some basic
rules we hopefully all find acceptable would be usefull.

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