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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: For 1.1
Date Wed, 26 Jun 1996 01:47:46 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> Okay...
> 1) Moving mod_env (I've changed my mind on mod_cern_meta) to be
> uncommented by default in Configuration. Does anyone really object to
> this?

+1. It's a good module and should be included by default.

> 2) Fixing inetd CGI requests. I've decided the first patch I posted (the
> one to mod_cgi.c) is wrong, because really, all instances of spawn_child()
> will then wreak havoc on inetd requests. The second (to alloc.c) is the
> one I'd like to see included. If anyone would like me to post it again, I
> will. Anyone have any thoughts on it? We still officially support inetd,
> and not having CGI scripts work is a Bad Thing...

Ugg... Should would be nice to drop inetd support. If not with 1.1 then
with what, 2.0?


> Then, other things... there's Jim's 18k conf.h-related patch... are we
> leaving it or getting rid of it? How about the (now-withdrawn) patch to
> mod_cern_meta to make it conditional? If that patch doesn't work, can we
> take the modified version from apache-XX and use that? (it makes MetaDir
> and MetaStuffix per-dir, and only activates if MetaSuffix is explicitly
> set).

Well, believe it or not, I see the 18k patch as pretty innocent. I don't
see the reason to not include it since, after all, we will _all_ hopefully
do a build of the 1.1fc before we release it. We're not talking code
changes, just name changes.

But if voted down, then does the entire patch get thrown? How about the
README stuff? Why _not_ HAVE_GMTOFF rather than HAS_GMTOFF? Does it
_really_ make sense to use HAVE_RESOURCE in a way that, as far as I know,
no other #define in used in the entire Apache code? Why _not_ pick some
fluff and lint off? Because it could break things?...

Can't _all_ patches potentially do that?


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