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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: For 1.1
Date Wed, 26 Jun 1996 01:30:06 GMT

Alexei Kosut said:
> Now, I know there are a couple bugs. There's the Windows/Keep-Alive bug.
> Anyone know anything about fixing this? What about the UnixWare bug? You
> know, I had a dream about that last night (really)... I dreamt that a
> user sent us a bug report, and they included a patch that made Apache work
> on UnixWare. It involved changing "const char*" references to "data
> char*", which I have no clue what means (I don't think "data" is a C
> keyword) or why it would work, but if that's useful to anyone... :P

You know, I have this friend who's really a good pschychologies... I'm 
sure he can fit you in... I hear those white jackets do come in designer 
models now days. 

> There are at least two outstanding issues that I've introduced:
> 1) Moving mod_env (I've changed my mind on mod_cern_meta) to be
> uncommented by default in Configuration. Does anyone really object to
> this?


> 2) Fixing inetd CGI requests. I've decided the first patch I posted (the
> one to mod_cgi.c) is wrong, because really, all instances of spawn_child()
> will then wreak havoc on inetd requests. The second (to alloc.c) is the
> one I'd like to see included. If anyone would like me to post it again, I
> will. Anyone have any thoughts on it? We still officially support inetd,
> and not having CGI scripts work is a Bad Thing...

Did we figure out if the .htaccess problem was or was not related to this

> Then, other things... there's Jim's 18k conf.h-related patch... are we
> leaving it or getting rid of it? How about the (now-withdrawn) patch to
> mod_cern_meta to make it conditional? If that patch doesn't work, can we
> take the modified version from apache-XX and use that? (it makes MetaDir
> and MetaStuffix per-dir, and only activates if MetaSuffix is explicitly
> set).

- -1 on doing this right now... Although I think it's a good idea to test it
and DO apply it... I think we should release 1.1 first. 

I would like to AGAIN point out that no one has responded on if we should or
should not keep mod_proxy.  I don't think so.  If you think it should remain
in PLEASE let me know why.

Also, I've gotten about 5-7 bug reports that apache-1.1b4 is having a harder
time displaying a full page on the servers, but 1.1b2 isn't.  I suspect 
MTU problem, but I'm not sure why b4 would be doing it any different than b2.
<shrug>  There just isn't enough info on this one. 

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