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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: mod_cern_meta.c - MetaFiles <on|off>
Date Mon, 24 Jun 1996 01:10:47 GMT
>   The MetaFiles directive is per-directory.
> Hmmm... it seems to me that at least the version distributed with 1.1b4
> constructs and manipulates only server-side state, and limits the scope
> of the commands to RSRC_CONF, but I could be missing something (or
> perhaps just be version-skewed)...

Er, I mean whatever mod_cern_meta.c is in the CVS tree *plus* that
patch I mailed to the list last week allows the MetaFiles directives
to appear in .htaccess files.

I don't understand what the phrase 'constructs and manipulates only
server-side state' means.  Possibly it is a term coined in one of
those mail messages I missed last week.  Any clues?

[ponders for a while...]

Aaaaah, ok, MetaDir (a directive indicating the name of the directory
containing the .meta files) *is* RSRC_CONF, as is MetaSuffix.
Perhaps what you want is for the directory name and the suffix name
to be definable per-directory.

> rst

This is what happens when I substitute coffee for sleep.


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