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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Authoring support?
Date Mon, 24 Jun 1996 00:18:53 GMT
  I can't seem to PUT anything to this directory. The BSDI beta of
  NS Gold seems a bit flaky. The PUT seems to just hang.

Oh, dear.  As I said, Netscape will do this sometimes... if NS Gold
really is the problem, then killing the editor window and opening a new
one with a local copy of the file will sometimes clear the blockage.
(Unfortunately, the way Netscrape did their "Publish" dialog, you're
damn near guaranteed to get a errors on the first few times you try
to use it --- when it asks you "Location to publish to" (or whatever),
you'd think it's asking for the complete URL you want the thing to 
have after it's saved, but in fact, it's asking you for the name of
a *directory*, and it appends the last component of the name of the
local copy to do the PUT.  So you need to type *exactly*

into that box --- no more, no less --- or you'll get an error, and
PUTs after that are *very* likely to hang).

Then again, it could just be my bug.  I've nearly got a source
distribution for this together, and it may be easier to tell after


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