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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: "Graceful Restart" patch
Date Sun, 23 Jun 1996 20:16:09 GMT

Alexei Kosut said:
> Would this be the Apache Group if there weren't? Seriously, though,
> there are a couple. Did we ever figure out that problem with
> keep-alive and Linux or whatever it was? And how about Unixware?

Was it linux only?  Anyway I wasn't able to reproduce it.  I think we did a 
"small" patch to see if we can track it down.  But that's it. 

> 1) My patch to fix inetd CGI requests. No one's seen fit yet to
>    comment.

I thought we were going to dump inetd.  And go with standlone only?   If not
I have one more for inetd.  It seems to ignore x-server-parse when in inetd
mode.  <!--#exec cmd="xxx"--> always returns a null where the same config
in standalone works fine.

> 2) mod_env and mod_cern_meta moved to a position where they're
>    compiled by default in Configuration. As has been confirmed, neither
>    do anything unless turned on, and they're both useful things to have,
>    IMO.

I'm not sure I like the cern_meta by default.  Most people are using Apache, 
alot more are using NCSA, which we can do a drop in replacement.  I don't see
why we need to have cern_meta... as an option cool.. but not a default. 

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