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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: mod_cern_meta.c - MetaFiles <on|off>
Date Sat, 22 Jun 1996 12:24:20 GMT
Due to the alignment of the planets I managed to miss the original
post that rst is following up.  I also failed to receive a copy of
the patch I sent to new-httpd to add the MetaFiles on|off directive
to mod_cern_meta.c.

The MetaFiles directive is per-directory.  That is, a server wide
default can be set up if you put MetaFile <whatever> in a .conf
file, and in addition you can put the directive in ant .htaccess,
so turning the module on or off in any directory.

I hope that's answered the original question.


>   neither of them should affect anything unless they're
>   given directives, yes?
> Provided that MetaFiles defaults Off, this is correct.  (I would like
> to see this per-directory, ideally, but that's another bit of business
> entirely...).
> rst

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