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From "Mark A. Imbriaco" <>
Subject Re: Netscape-style Access Control (fwd)
Date Thu, 20 Jun 1996 22:19:33 GMT
> > Mark> I wrote something to do most of the work of converting from
> > Mark> Netsite to Apache a while back.  It would probably only take a
> > Mark> couple of hours to whip something up to do the actual
> > Mark> conversion. [perl rules. :-)] The problem is going to some in
> > Mark> with the new line of Netsite servers that I'm not terribly
> > Mark> familiar with. [ enterprise, fast track, etc.. ]
> > 
> > I'm very interested in this.  Can you release it?
> > 
> > Tom
> >
>      Well, in it's current state, it's in no condition to be 
>      released .. it still requires a lot of work to get the files
>      into a format that Apache will be happy with.  I'll play
>      with it for a little while today, and send an update at the
>      end of the day to the list..

	Okay, here's that update that I promised.  The script is coming
	along nicely, and I expect to have something that is at least 
	useable and helpful by the first part of tomorrow.  At this 
	point, the script gets all of the information from Netsite's
	magnus.conf, and most of the information out of the obj.conf.
	As soon as I get finished writing the routines to get the 
	access control information out of the obj.conf file, the 
	script should be ready to go.  I'm sure it'll change once
	other people start using it, since it's hard to prepare for
	the 'generic' case when I only have a small sampling of the
	configuration file directives, and I doubt that Netscrape 
	would send me documentation on them to aid in converting 
	people to Apache.  Call it a hunch. :-)

	At any rate, I'll post my source to the list for comments some time

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