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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: mod_cern_meta questions...
Date Wed, 19 Jun 1996 09:56:04 GMT
> A few questions about mod_cern_meta.  First off, it looks to me, from
> reading the code, that if it's compiled in, it's *always* active, and there's
> no way to turn it on or off on a per-directory basis.  It might be helpful
> to have a way to do this --- my personal preference would be to have it
> always DECLINE unless one of MetaDir or MetaSuffix had actually been
> specified in some relevant config file.  (This would allow you to turn it
> on for specific directories without paying the price over the entire site).

My preference is for something like:

MetaFiles [on|off]   default off

mainly cuz I don't like to overload the semantics of MetaDir/MetaSuffix.
But then that'd introduce a new directive people would have to
learn in order to use it on existing sites.  Mmm...

> Second, it's not entirely clear from reading the code why it has its own
> routine to scan the headers, rather than just calling scan_script_header
> as in mod_asis --- is it just to avoid an error bounce if the file doesn't
> end with a blank line, or is there a deeper reason?

No deeper reason.  .meta files are (sometimes) written by hand,
er, well by keyboard.  It seemed silly to impose an "add a single
blank line after the headers" rule on people.  I guess I *could*
have frigged an extra blank line and then passed the result to
scan_script_header() but that looked like a kludge.

I guess I also didn't want to rely on non mod_cern_meta code while
I was beating the module into a manageable shape, so reducing the
likelihood of being caught out by an API shift.  Mmm, come to think
of it, I never think that far ahead...

> Querulously yours,
> rst


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